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Kindergarten suggested school supplies for Ms. Mortman's class 2023-2024

⭐⭐⭐Please label all items with your child's name

🎒Please label your child's name on their lunchboxes, jackets, and backpacks

📓1 Headphone set that covers the child's ears (no ear buds please)

📓# 2 Pencils (2 dozen) *Ticonderoga preferred

📓1 Pack of  BIG Ticonderoga pencils

📓4 Boxes of crayons (24 pack) *Crayola brand preferred

📓1 Box of colored markers (10 count)

📓1 Pair of scissors *Fiskars brand preferred

📓3 Large erasers

📓2 Primary Journal composition Books 

📓6 Large glue sticks * Elmer's brand preferred

📓2 Large boxes of tissues

📓1 Soft Pencil box (must fit inside desk)

📓1 Play dough pack (any colors)

📓1 Refillable water bottle

📓1 Pack of low odor dry erase markers (4 pack or larger any color)

📓1 Pack of multi-colored highlighters

📓1 Pack (ream) of white paper- BOYS bring

📓1 Pack (ream) of colored copy paper- GIRLS bring

📓1 Box of gallon size bags - BOYS bring

📓1 Box of snack size bags - GIRLS bring

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